What I’m known for: 

Taking photos that’ll make you say:

“Damn, I’m fine.”

There’s nothing more eye-opening than seeing yourself through a new perspective. You’re a courageous, powerful, stunning woman. I’m here to help you own it.

Boudoir Collection


The perfect session for women looking to honor their bodies in an artistic and individualized way. You’ll have the best time baring your body and soul complete with pampering and access to the boudoir closet.

This session’s name says it all. Tap into your sensual side and take wow-worthy photos in a safe and comforting environment for your personal viewing pleasure. 

Erotica Collection


Couples Sessions

Looking to take some steamy photos with your partner? Love and Light offers couples’ sessions so you can capture your spark on film.

Bespoke Albums

I’m passionate about turning your photos into true works of art. Bespoke albums and prints are available for any photo session.

Optional Extras

Love and Light offers a full list of optional add-ons so you can customize your session to perfectly suit your desires. Interested? Let’s talk. 

Other offerings include:

- Sherelle

“I have always put myself last. I never imagined in my life I would get to wear Louboutins. 12/10, it was great!”

- Kyli

“Ever since our session together I’ve been looking at myself as such a beautiful and sexy person (which I haven’t before)! I was so nervous about all the poses but he made the whole session so stress-free. This was the best birthday gift to myself ever!”

This is my why: 

I’ll take images that’ll help you gain confidence and see your true beauty

Everyone should have a boudoir experience at least once (and maybe more). When you see your final images, I guarantee that you’ll be blown away. It’s special to see yourself differently because we’re all our own worst critic. But through my camera lens, you’ll be able to have a fresh perspective. You won’t notice your supposed “flaws,” but rather your presence, power, and yes, your beauty.

Anytime you need a confidence boost, take a look through your custom album or prints. Your images will be there as a reminder to lean into self-love and celebrate your body no matter what.

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If you’re interested in getting more information for boudoir and erotica sessions, please send me a note! I’d love to answer any and all questions to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible. I’m excited to create something magical together. 

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