Do you remember a time when …

You loved your body


I’m here to help you find the fire to bare your body and soul and capture epic photos 

A session with Love and Light is a chance to bolster your self-confidence and see yourself as you truly are - beautiful and worthy of celebration.

The Love and Light Experience

Here’s what you can expect 

I’m proud to offer a fun and seamless experience for all of my clients. We’ll get to know each other during your consultation so when the big day arrives you’re comfortable and ready to rock. Every Love + Light client receives completely personalized care to ensure you feel comfortable enough to channel your inner energy. Heading into your experience, you’ll know exactly what to expect through the outline I’ll send over ahead of your session. You’ll enjoy a day of pampering before working it in front of the camera. I’m pumped to act as your professional hype man and cheer you on from beginning to end, so you won’t have to worry about one thing.

And the best part? I’ll carefully select the images that highlight your personality and natural beauty. You’ll feel like you belong on the cover of Vogue when it’s all said and done.

“Let me just say that I drove home and got teary-eyed from thinking about my artwork and how thankful I am to have done this shoot!”

— Emma

“Ever since our session together I’ve been looking at myself as such a beautiful and sexy person (which I haven’t before)! I was so nervous about all the poses but he made the whole session so stress-free. This was the best birthday gift to myself ever!”

- Kyli

“I have always put myself last. I never imagined in my life I would get to wear Louboutins. 12/10, it was great!”

- Sherelle


At love and light, our gorgeous albums are designed to give you an immersive, luxurious experience that swiping through photos on your phone just can’t replicate. Hand-crafted and bound in leather or velvet with seamless, lay-flat pages, your boudoir album will stand the test of time so your story and power from this season of life will live on for decades to come.


Private Peep Show Wheel

For those who like a vintage feel with a fun, sexy twist. This makes a great gift to yourself or to a special someone. You can add on extra reels and capture each emotion from your session.

Metal Galleries

Displaying images from your boudoir session may seem a little intimidating right now, but wall art is the most popular artwork choice amongst our repeat clients because it allows you to have a constant reminder on your wall of how powerful their session was and how gorgeous you truly are, even on days you feeling down. I strongly urge you to consider taking home at least one piece of wall art for your own bathroom or closet so that you can also have a daily reminder of your amazing experience with us.

My process in 3 easy steps


Upon receiving your inquiry, we’ll set up an initial chat to answer your questions and choose the session that’s right for you. Please note, all erotica sessions require a video consultation to book.

Photo Session

When the big day arrives, we’ll meet at the studio where you can utilize our professional (and complimentary!) hair and makeup artist. Once you’re dressed and ready to go, it’s time to channel the intentions you set for your session and step in front of the lens. I know you’ve got it in you.

Image Delivery

The week following your session, you’ll return to the studio for your reveal appointment. I’ll take you through each image so you can choose to order your favorites. All printed or digital photos will be delivered to you within 6-8 weeks after your final payment is processed.

Love and Light values 

Every body is worth celebrating

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look like, your body deserves to be celebrated. Our bodies do so much for us, and each and every one of us is beautiful in our own way. I promise to support you during your session and remind you every step of the way that your body is sensational. Let’s honor it through artful images.

- Cassie

“I cried when I picked up my album for the first time. I could not believe that was me!”

I capture

Fearless HUMANS


their stories

Frequently asked questions

How do I know what to wear? 

With every session, you receive access to my 100+ piece client wardrobe. We have sizes ranging from XXS to 6XL. Feel free to use a few of my outfits, bring your own, or mix and match!! All that matters is you choose something that makes you feel good in your skin.

Will you help me with posing?

Heck yes. Depending on what feels most reassuring for you, I can walk you through each pose, helping you with directions, eye contact and how to point each toe. Or I am happy to be more hands off, allowing you to move and express yourself in ways that feel right for you, all based on what makes you feel your best.

Can I see examples from an Erotica Session?

Yes. Access to the erotica gallery requires a password, which will be provided to you after confirming that you are above 18 years of age. Please note that the erotica gallery features images that are suggestive in nature and include nudity and sexually explicit content. All images in my gallery have full photo releases signed in compliance with US 2257. 

Can I bring a support person to my session? 

I do feel that all sessions are best experienced in a one-on-one setting so you’re able to focus completely and relax into the environment.

Do all sessions include professional hair and makeup?

All boudoir sessions include professional hair and makeup. If you’re booking an erotica session, hair and makeup is not included in the session fee, but is available at an additional cost per person. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer flexible payment options to best meet the needs of every client. All that is required to secure your date on my calendar is the $500 session fee.

Feeling bold? 



Dig into the details and decide which session is right for you.


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