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Everybody is different, so your boudoir session is carefully customized to reflect your individuality. With a safe and empowering atmosphere, I’m here to walk you through the entire experience.

All about the

Boudoir experience

Love and Light provides a full-service experience from your initial consultation to your artwork delivery. I want to get to know you, so I will personally guide you throughout the entire process. We’ll explore your body image questionnaire, artwork styles, and set your intentions for your session. On the big day, your session will span 4 hours to include complimentary hair and makeup, wardrobe, and shoot time.

Let me coach you through each pose, wardrobe change, and nervous moment. I promise that you will feel cared for and supported the whole way.

My work is best described as

Meaningful, sensual, evocative

It’s my goal to create artwork that elicits all of the feel-good emotions when you see your final images. The meaning behind a boudoir session isn’t just to take beautiful photos (although that’s a perk) - it’s to have a lifelong reminder of how you deserve to put yourself first. 

Boudoir is right for you

if :

You’re looking for an incredible confidence boost

There’s no quicker way to self-confidence than by seeing your boudoir images in all their glory. It’s an empowering game-changer, trust me.

You’re dreaming of a fun and exciting experience

I make sure that you have a fun and empowering experience starting from your initial consultation to your final gallery reveal. I strive to create a safe and collaborative atmosphere so you always feel comfortable and heard.

You want breathtaking photos to keep forever

The images from your session will last a lifetime, so whenever you need a reminder to love yourself as you are, you’ve got them. Look back years from now and see how beautiful you truly are.

- Kyli 

“Ever since our session together I’ve been looking at myself as such a beautiful and sexy person (which I haven’t before)! I was so nervous about all the poses but he made the whole session so stress-free. This was the best birthday gift to myself ever!”

What makes Love and Light


A session with me isn’t just any sexy photo shoot - I offer many different options to perfectly tailor your photos to match your personality and overall vision for what empowerment means to you. To enhance your experience, you’ll also receive: 

  • Access to my boudoir client wardrobe (with over 100 pieces and counting!)
  • Professional hair and makeup (if you choose)
  • A long list of session add-ons
  • A private image reveal and ordering session to review your gallery
  • Bespoke artwork to last a lifetime

- Emma

“Let me just say that I drove home and got teary-eyed from thinking about my artwork and how thankful I am to have done this shoot!”


There’s always a reason to put off that one thing you really want to do for yourself. Could you spend your time or money elsewhere? Definitely. But the value that a boudoir session will give you is worth the effort.

Through bold and honest artistry, see yourself with fresh eyes. I’m here to ignite your confidence and help you feel damn good in your body.

It’s time to stop hesitating and start putting yourself first in line. Be daring. Be honest. Be unapologetically you.

Your customized session might include:

A bonus angel wings PHOTO SET 

Your partner

A stunning album full of your final images


The session fee for boudoir is $500, and artwork collections begin at $1900. We will discuss which collection is right for you during your initial consultation. Payment plans start as low as $45.

With several types of sessions and collections to choose from and many optional extras available, we can work together to create a completely individualized boudoir experience. A $500 deposit is required to book your session, and payment plans are available upon request. Have questions? Reach out!

Ready to prioritize self-love?


something extraordinary 

Book your boudoir session today and get ready to celebrate your body and soul like never before. Trust me, you’ll never look back.


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