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Our studio has earned several features and awards for Erotica, Fetish,BDSM, and Kink Photography

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Erotica Experience

Love and Light provides a completely professional and discreet experience from your initial video consultation to your artwork delivery. I want to make you feel safe and seen, so I will personally guide you throughout the entire process. On the big day, your session will last 90 minutes with the option to include pre-shoot pampering.

I’ll provide the space, and you bring your deepest desires. Let me coach you through each pose, wardrobe change, and nervous moment. I promise that you will feel cared for and the final images will speak to your soul.

My work is best described as

Adventurous, seductive, BOLD

It’s my goal to create artwork that reflects your inner most desires when you see your final images. Erotica sessions are different from boudoir sessions in the idea of fully releasing your inhibitions. These sessions are in full support of embracing your sexuality, and are artistically focused on creating images that will be suggestive in nature.

Erotica is right for you

if :

You’re looking for a space space to explore your desires

It can be a heavy burden to have desires that you feel cannot be expressed safely. My studio is kink-friendly and discreet, and allows you to explore in an environment that you can trust.

You’re dreaming of a thrilling experience 

Whether you are looking for a solo session, or want to bring in a partner (or two), an erotica photo session is the perfect step for those ready to release your fears and harness the power of your sexuality.

You want sexy, adventurous photos to keep forever

You’ll be able to keep as many images from your session as you like. The images from your session will last a lifetime, so whenever you need a reminder of how powerful you are, you’ve got them.

- Emma

“Since my shoot two months ago, I am still absolutely in love with the photos and the confidence I have gained from it.”

What makes Love and Light


As one of the only New Jersey studios offering erotica photography, I’m dedicated to providing a discreet, luxurious experience. I make comfort and safety a priority so you can fully express yourself during your session. I offer many different options to perfectly tailor your photos to match your personality and overall vision. Most erotica clients focus less on posing and more on capturing the raw energy of your session. To enhance your experience, you’ll also receive: 

  • Access to my client wardrobe (with 100+ pieces and counting!)
  • Optional professional hair and makeup
  •  Various session types and add-ons
  • A reveal and ordering session to review every image
  • Optional bespoke artwork to last a lifetime

- Sherelle

“I have always put myself last. I never imagined in my life I would get to wear Louboutins. 12/10, it was great!”


Erotica photography isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! I’m committed to meeting you where you are in order to provide the best experience possible. We never judge our clients for their erotica session requests, so just know that no matter what you’re looking to unleash, Love + Light is here for you.

Through bold and artistic photography, see yourself with fresh eyes. I’m here to ignite your confidence and help you feel damn good in your body.

It’s time to stop burying your desires and let your wild side run free. Be daring. Be provocative. Be unapologetically you.

Your customized session might include:

Bondage and toys

A steamy shower photo set

A partner or playmates


The erotica session fee is $1695 for a solo session with only a deposit of $400 required to book your date. We will discuss which package is right for you during your initial video consultation.

With several types of sessions and collections to choose from and many optional extras available, we can work together to create a completely individualized photo experience. To make your session accessible, payment plans are available upon request. Have questions? Reach out!

We are one of the only New Jersey Erotica, Fetish, Kink, BDSM Photography Studios.

All sessions are proceeded by a Complimentary Video Consultation.

We do not schedule sessions without a prior Video Consultation.

All clients sign a contract prior to service. Copies of ID and other compliance information are collected prior to your session as required by US Code 2257.

For information about Session Retainers and available Artwork, please see the investment here.

All Inquiries are Confidential


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