THE After dark EROTICa


All Inquires are 100% Confidential.     
We are one of very few New Jersey Erotica, Fetish, Kink Studios.

This is the raw and more edgy side of boudoir. Erotica artwork is all about unapologetic self-love, an expression of sexual positivity where you can break free from the barriers that society considers "taboo" and embrace who you are without the pressure to fit in. Our studio's work in Erotica, Fetish and Kink Photography has already been published, and garnered much praise both online and in print.

** NEW ** We have added a Professional Rigger to our Team.

All sessions are proceeded by a Complimentary Consultation. Our studio takes the highest pride in providing a Professional, Accessible and above all, Safe experience. We extremely protective of YOUR Privacy.

We do not schedule sessions without a prior video Consultation.  

We create Art only for private enjoyment and will require you to confirm this prior to your session. All clients sign a contract prior to service. Copies of ID are taken upon arrival for your session as required by US Code 2257.

You understand that by clicking below you are 18+ and will see nude and sexual images